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Where Creativity and Critical Thinking Meet

Since 2013, Andrea Morgan has coached clients to success with her creative & critical candor. Having begun with career coaching, resume design, & in-depth interview preparation, Andrea discovered that her superpower was leading others to discover their own superpowers. After a stint in HR with the government, she honed her skill & completed her Master's in Leadership.  Andrea understands that success requires both creativity & critical analysis; thus, Creatical Consultancy was born.

As a supporter of experiential learning, Andrea's technique is based in leadership theories while using improvisation exercises to put theory into practice. Surprising to most, the core foundations of improvisation are also found at the heart of leadership. With her individualized coaching, corporate workshops, and public engagements, Andrea's goal is to reconnect you with yourself, your team, and your community.

At the centre of success is Creatical.

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Leeza S.


Andrea is one of the most creative, inspired and dynamic individuals that I have ever worked with. As a leader, she was incredibly encouraging and demonstrated a trust and respect toward the team that created a sense of confidence in our work. She provided mentorship to support my growth both professionally and on a personal level and was keen on emphasizing my strengths and providing tools to further enhance them. She engaged in initiatives to improve the work environment and was proactive in starting her own initiatives in areas that required attention to improve the work culture, increase employee satisfaction and retention. She is the type of person that brings together outside the box thinking with inspired, innovative action to create change. Lots of people have ideas, but Andrea is the go-getter that actually does something about it. To top things off, her contagious positivity and sense of humor really made her a joy to work with. I highly recommend Andrea to any organization that is striving to be the best that it can be.


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